Welcome to my blog, Since 2016 I have been in love with the idea of blogging. I’m an avid reader and am working on short stories. I love traveling, finding adventures, trying out new things along with settling down on a couch with a good book in hand.
My blog will consist of reviews about books that I have read along with my thoughts on how books have impacts us in our daily lives. I’ll also blog about the new hobbies that I’m trying at the moment and a mish mash of random things.

All of the pictures on this blog will be pictures that I have made myself. If I do use a picture that aren’t mine I will make sure to mention who took the picture and where I found it. All the pictures on my blog are for entertainment purposes only and not being used for any monetary value.

The section book reviews of my blog will be reviews about books that I have recently read. On the other hand deep in thought will be a section where I share my thoughts about the impacts of books and my love for reading. I created this blog mainly for my own enjoyment and hope that others might enjoy it too.
Thanks for checking out my about page!!


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