Slow and Steady I’ll Never be Ready

I put the obsess in “obsession”, once I started down this pathway to nowhere. When I started figure skating I lept onto the internet and started googling at once. I have no shame in owning up to the fact that I read five forums top to bottom doing my research. That’s right I’m a lurker ( ╯°□°)╯ ┻━━┻. No one will ever knoooooooooooooo….. Nevermind.

Why did my font get so small all of a sudden? Oh, that’s better something to do with font size ah, whatever. This post is gonna be me talking about figure skating again you guys must be excited right? Well this time I’ll actually include good information if any of you guys want to start figure skating, (I’m also a noob so take my advice with a pinch of salt).  I’ll also be posting a progress video of my skills!!!

Currently I’ve been skating for about seven months? (I think that’s how long it’s been anyway) and I’ve learnt a bunch of nifty things! Waltz jump, half flip (flip jump here I come!), lunge, sitting duck and some more moves that I don’t know the names of. I’m hoping that at the end of the year I’ll be working on my axel!!! AXELS HERE I COME!! (When I say end of year I mean end of school year not December, Ha! I wish I was good enough to put that on my “task’s to achieve” list for December, but just you wait baybe I’m coming for you).

Here’s a progress video if anyone wants to take a look, don’t worry I don’t bite.

I’m amazing right? Yeah, confidence goes a long way, I can see you guys rolling your eyes, don’t you laugh at me!!! Someday I’ll get there right? At least that’s what we all hope for anyway. Ok, onto the main course here we’ll have some nifty tips and trips from Juliet for figure skaters that are just starting out.


  1. You are never too old to start


This is a very common rule of thumb but that’s because every year 100’s of people ask this question over and over again. Believe me when I say that you’re not too old ok? I started when I was 15 (pretty old eh?) but I’ve come a long way since then. Another important thing for you guys to know is that at my rink we actually do have a few adults (27-30) that are just learning how to skate, (might be because of the Yuri On Ice!! Craze… dunno) but these people are living proof that you can do it!!! But Juliet, what if I’m in my mid fifties or forties?, doesn’t matter like I said, you’re never too old to start. Heck I know a grandma who still skates just for the fun of it, yeah she can’t do any jumps but that’s because her body can’t handle them anymore, the whole impact on your body is bad for you blah blah blah.

  1. Fake it ‘till you make it

No matter what you say or do we all know it, everyone skating around the rink and all the people who’ve been skating for a while see it. We know a noob when we see one, we can smell it on them (liken it to a pack of hyena’s scenting a piece of meat). So whatever you do don’t act macho, ok? OK??? Because that’s one of the biggest “YOU FAIL” stamps you could ever put on your forehead. Instead do your research and get on the rink. Don’t feel confident on the ice? Well we didn’t either in the start. Fake it ‘till you make it, smile (even when you don’t want to), it’s proven that by even faking a smile you can lift your mood, it’s some sort of biological thing or psychological (Can’t remember which and I’m too lazy to do any research, meh.)

  1. Get a Teacher

There’s nothing I hate more than seeing people who have no idea what they’re doing trying to teach themselves how to figure skate because that can end up in a lot of bruises and maybe even a broken ankle. For the first few times you go to the rink test the waters (more like ice in this case) and see how far you can go without holding the railing, once you start feeling comfortable without the railing go see if you can get lessons. No matter what other people say getting a teacher is the best option in figure skating, yes every once in a blue moon you find someone who is amazing and is self-taught but these people are exceptions, you could be too but I don’t say I didn’t warn you. Teachers are expensive but they’re worth the price because they know (well usually) what they’re doing.

  1. Whatever You do Never Give Up

This is the biggest piece of advice I could give anyone starting out because the moment you want to give up is the moment you’re close to a breakthrough. Figure skating isn’t easy otherwise everyone in the world would be doing it.

Hope you guys liked the post!! Yeah, yeah I’ve been posting a lot about figure skating but I promise I’ll limit myself to once a week! I haven’t posted in a reaaaallllyyyyy long time since school just started and everything’s getting a little hectic. I’ll see if I’ll be able to write my posts on the weekends and then schedule them to be posted on weekdays. See ya next time!! And thanks for reading!!! Like and subscribe if you want to see more and don’t forget to write comments if you have any!



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