Ice Is Life

Who knew that slapping the floor with your butt could be so fun? I didn’t, but now I do and boy am I enlightened. Dear readers, I never knew a sport could be so strenuous, active, gratifying,  powerful and hurtful as figure skating is. Everytime my butt hits the ice I can hear the ice cackling at me and saying, “watch yourself human, better get buttpads before trying that again”, and yes, they do have buttpads for figure skating.


Onto the topic of buttpads, before I started figure skating I had no idea they existed. The very idea never entered my mind until I saw a girl at my rink with one on. At first I looked at her and was like, “wow she’s got a huge butt” but then I looked again and realized that it was, padded? Quick research and I found out that there were quite a few brands which supplied these buttpads and they were good if you were working on axel jumps and above. Which means I won’t be needing them for a while, I’m working on flip jump currently but I need to improve my other jumps.


Below I’ve included a progress video of me at the beginning of february till June. You can see how noob I was at skating, in fact I cringe at seeing the video but I’m sure that I’ll be able to laugh at it later. In the videos you can only see my practicing the waltz jump since that’s what I recorded. I only started working on my flip jump much later, (this month) so it won’t be on the video that I’m including.

On the topic of flip jump, I’ve been traveling around vietnam recently and I decided to bring my skates with my. During our stay in Hanoi we found a rink and we went skating four times. I’ve been able to make some progress on my flip jump and my edges have mightly improved, (I am in fact VERY proud and smug about my edges) I’ll have to wait for a bit to show my teacher again \(- _ -)/, teach will be proud (hopefully).



That rink was, amazing. The ice was so smooth!!! I literally took off my gloves and just stroked the floor for a few minutes. AND THEIR ZAMBINI, I can’ I just can’t. Very high quality ice and they cleaned the ice up nicely with a very nice zambini. AHHHHHH…. If only my rink was like that…. Too bad. The rink I visited was in the middle of the mall so the prices were very good and there was no time limit!!! I could stay as long as I wanted to!! Which, dear readers, was stupendous.


However the only thing that wasn’t so stupendous was the last visit that we made to the rink. The rink was fine but… there was this guy…. And he….. Was just… RUDE. Ok I’ll give him a few points since he could do a lot of jumps, (all of them up to the flip jump, which is a  very good accomplishment for people without teachers). And that is where my problem lies… HE TAUGHT HIMSELF. All the way up to flip jump! And he was doing sit spins and layback spins, which if I hadn’t seen him do it I would’ve thought impossible since he didn’t have a teacher. Well how did I know he didn’t have a teacher? ONE: His Edges Were Horrendous. After seeing my practicing my edges for a bit he decided to too and t’was a sight to see dear readers. Because they were horrible. No teacher in their right mind would teach a student a flip jump, sit spin and layback spin to a student that hadn’t at least somewhat mastered their edges. Heck, my edges are better then his and I haven’t even started the sit spin. TWO: His Manners. He was flying everywhere around the rink. Normally I wouldn’t have a problem with this but it was very crowded at the rink that day. So naturally he decided to do a flip jump. First he gained some, (more like a lot) of speed, did a weird three turn (he powered through it, wasn’t a proper one) and then jumped. Halfway through the spin he hit a little girl, mind you he was in the middle of the air and fell on top of her. ALL BECAUSE HE WASN’T LOOKING BEHIND HIM. Which shocked me since the moves he was doing were so advanced. And that’s the first thing you learn when you skate backwards, “always look behind you, you don’t wanna kill anyone”.


Let’s end on a good note, it’s summer break!! FREEDOM! Let’s all celebrate and don’t forget to chill and take it slow! You deserve that break!



Whew!!! It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything!! According to my last post it was on June 5, 2017!!!! That’s like a month!! What have I been up to? I have one word for you, Meh. Yup that’s right, Meh. And I love this word because it describes all of the many feelings I had during June and July. T’was the last few months of school so guess what? Teachers shove projects on you and I (being the procrastinator that I am), slacked until the last minute so I didn’t keep up with my blog for a *cough*while*cough*. FORGIVE ME DEAR FOLLOWERS!!! I’ve been so busy!! Plus I’ve been traveling a lot for a competition (more on that in another post). The good news is that I’ve got a lot of inspiration for my upcoming posts, so be prepared!!! If you liked please like and if you wanna see more click that follow button 😉 Quote for the day: “Life is short, smile while you still have teeth”.

Dreamer. Aka Juliet ❤


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