A Girl of Fire and Thorns

Books in the fantasy genre almost never address the reality of what the characters actually go through, which is exactly what Rae Carson does. Take a character that’s “struggling” within a love triangle, many times authors don’t focus on the two men in the love triangle and instead they focus on the main character’s indecision, I mean of course she is the main character, but still guys have feelings too. They may include scenes where the males fight with each other but never a chapter where they consider their feelings for each other (what one guy thinks of another)  and what it’s like to be in this triangle. And the only time an author might put in a scene where these characters think about each other is when they’re angry at each other or if they hate each other. A Girl of Fire and Thorns, is the first novel (in 2017) that I’ve read that delves deeper into these issues.


First things first, A Girl of Fire and Thorns does not have a love triangle, or does it? (AHAHHAHAAH *Cackles evilly*, guess you’ll have to read to find out 😉 What it does have is a sixteen year old girl who *shocker* is a princess, don’t worry though guys it fits in really well with the story so you won’t mind it. No really, it is worth the read. Let’s look at the cover, oh, I mean covers. I really like the one with the blue jewel in the middle and an orange and black background. I guess the other ones are nice too but I don’t like people on covers ‘cause it ruins how I imagine the characters in the novel.


Elisa, the main character has a problem; her weight. As the youngest princess she’s been allowed to get away with more things than her sister and crown princess, Alodia. Her relationship with her sister has been shaky ever since an incident during their childhood (you’ll find out a few chapters into the book). Whenever she’s around her sister she feels like she’s constantly being compared and this makes her tense whenever Alodia walks in. Although her sister wants the best for her Elisa doesn’t see it yet, she still hasn’t grown up and believe me when I say that she will 🙂


Wow, I went off topic, back to the weight problem. She loves eating  and whenever she feels stressed she turns to eating. Cakes, cookies, you name it and she’ll take a bite. She’s the exact opposite to her sister when it comes to health. She’s overweight yet her sister is muscular and athletic. Throughout the book you can see that she’s had this problem for a long time and it’s become a habit that she has tried to stop. No matter what she does, she just keeps eating her depression away, everyone has their vices right?

As the book progresses (something happens, don’t worry I won’t spoil) and she suddenly loses weight. Well, not suddenly but she just notices that she’s not overweight and she’s actually become quite attractive. Dealing with this change is hard for her because men start seeing her in a different way, one which she’s never been seen in before.

Rae Carson did this very naturally and I applaud her for it. Elisa’s weight loss just happens as the story progresses and Rae doesn’t forget to address the emotional and physical changes that Elisa goes through as she loses this weight. She transforms from a mouse to a tiger.

I recommend this book for everyone! It’s actually the first book in a series (I’ve read the series and its awesome). I would recommend it to the age group 14+, not because of gory stuff or R18 stuff but because the message might be easier to see once you’re around this age. Younger years will read this book and not get the message, that perseverance is just half the story.

Thanks for reading guys!! I’m thinking of writing another blog post about the Dark Truimph series next, can’t wait!!! OOOH! My next post might be one about my figure skating progress… hmmm who knows? If you liked please like and if you want to see more please follow! Thanks for reading! AND WE ALL LOVE CHEESE 🙂 🙂 


Dreamer aka. Juliet ❤


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