Update about blog

Update about blog

Authors can work on one novel and never finish it. They can work on one novel and take 2-3 years putting the idea on paper and finding a publisher. And that’s why I’ve decided to change what I do with the book section in my blog.


I don’t enjoy giving books ratings and I don’t enjoy having to mention whether or not this book is good to me, because people have different opinions. So I’ve decided that I will change the section from book reviews to BookLife. Well, what’s book life? I needed a shorter and cooler name for the section and I’m also changing what I’m writing about when I give “reviews” for books. Instead I’ll be writing about the message inside the novel. The idea that the author is trying to convey, because each novel has a backstory.


I don’t want to judge an author by their story but instead by their message. So instead I’ll be talking about that. Plus there are already so many blogs on here about book reviews that it’s a little old. I also want to appreciate authors since they put so much time and effort into getting a book out there, just to get really “bad” book reviews.


Thanks for reading! Hope you guys enjoy the new book section. I know I haven’t posted in awhile but I promise I’ll work on it this upcoming monday. I’ve had a busy weekend so till next time! Did you guys like the pic of Kiwi? Yup, that’s my lovebird ❤


Dreamer, Aka. Juliet


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