La Bergerie

Glorious Food

Who knew, that the country of cold, the country of wet could produce such delicious and sumptuous food? Nederland, thou hast surprised me, in a very delectable way, So HIP, HIP, HOORAY FOR GLORIOUS FOOD


It’s cold today, well that’s what Holland is known for and we’re celebrating my Grandma’s birthday today too. We’ve selected a quaint restaurant called, La Bergerie, it’s figurehead is a glorious sheep. From the outside it’s a bit green and looks a bit like a greenhouse. But it’s so much more…

Inside they’ve hanged three posters on each wall, the posters are of a light earthy color with an illustration of a woman on each. These ‘posters’ cover bits of green, not too much green. The grape vines have just started growing and little tendrils can be seen snaking up the lattice inside the greenhouse. They’ve decorated the place very nicely and it’s an outside yet inside restaurant. Us guests are protected from the cold of the day and absorb the sunshine inside.


First they serve little toasties with cheese and olives, which was good and got us all ready for the next meal. We talked about amongst ourselves and congratulated our grandmother for her birthday. It was a small family thing (like all birthdays in the Netherlands) which mostly consist of close relatives and maybe a best friend or two.

As the sun went down we got served and boy was I pleased, the pictures of the food are spread along this little article. The first is a picture of what my sister ate, a little salmon salad topped with cheese. The second is what my mother ate, a toastie spread with pate with salad as a side dish. The last dish is what I ate, it was simply stated delicious.


I really enjoyed coming here for dinner and I hope that we can come again sometime. Plus the dessert was awesome. Ice cream topped with fresh fruit and fruit juice. Hmm… it does look a bit like cheese doesn’t it?


Dreamer aka. Juliet Signing off



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