GRAF, Arosa Gold, Figure Skates

Graf Figure Skates

AHHHHHH! I’m so excited to try out my new figure skates! Got them as my birthday present and I honestly can’t wait to use them!! They’re so shiny and new *tears*, too bad they won’t be so shiny and new after I use them for a year or two.

Was how I felt a few weeks ago, yup I’ve since used my skates and let me tell you, they’re amazing and super comfortable, THANK YOU GRAF <3, you have one loyal and happy customer here. Admittedly these are my first pair of “serious” skates that I have so I might have to wait a bit on the review part for these skates. Plus, I’ve been using rental skates from the rink so, of course new skates feel like heaven.


So, I got Graf, Arosa Gold, they’re labeled as “hobby skates” in Graf’s official webpage, but they look pretty sturdy so I think I’ll last in them for a while (1-2 years) 3 max, I’ll probably get new ones after two years. The boot is full leather and the blades are riveted to the boot (GRAF blades come attached to them). When I first got my pudgy hands on them I knew, right from the start, that these were “THE CHOSEN ONES”. I was in love with the comfortable feel of the boot and the exterior of the boot, win, win.

Initially I wanted to get the Risport RF4, but we had such a hard time finding them and I already had tried Risport’s, (They didn’t exactly fit my foot type) so we decided to buy the Arosa Gold’s and boy am I one happy camper. The boots had a bit of breaking in period which consisted of five to six days, wearing them around the house. Which is shocking in a beautiful way because, depending on the brand figure skates hurt like, excuse my langauge, hell, breaking in.

Due to the padding in the Graf boots, the breaking in period was more comfortable and shorter. Did I mention that Graf boots have AMAZING PADDING, ahhh it’s like putting youre foot in a gigantic slipper loving the padding, it supports my ankle while making sure that no blisters occur.


For any of you guys wondering how I found GRAF in Thailand, I didn’t we flew to Holland and got them there, yes we went to holland just for the skates, nah I’m kidding we actually went there to celebrate my grandmother’s birthday, boy was that fun.

During skating I feel supported on both sides doing crossovers, backcrossovers and three turns. I’ll have to see how they feel once I start doing my jumps in them, which *hopefully* won’t be long. Oh yeah, I’m also a barefoot skater so when I say I love the padding I really mean it. It supports my ankles which are feeling the love. Honestly, it feels like these boots are hugging my feet, which I love.

Along with getting the figure skates, I also got blue hard guards, I got the centipede type. Which is fun since I surprisingly haven’t seen anyone with centipede guards at my rink, hmmmmmm… maybe I’m a little out of the loop? Meh, it ok, I original.

Thanks for reading!!!
Dreamer aka. Juliet signing off


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