Everything, Everything, A Book Review


Phew, that’s one long and might I say, weird title you got there Nicola Yoon, but I gotta hand it to you, loving the title and the plot. Imagine a world where you’re allergic to everything… yeah, that’s what our main characters got here.

That’s right folks, it means no high school, no going outside and definitely no meeting other people. I’ll admit, the first time I saw this book I was like , “ew, no thank you, sounds boring”. Which it kindaaaa was. This book basically consists of main character who is, *GASP* allergic to the entire world, guess what she does all day? Read, read and read some more then do a little bit of homework. Honestly I have no idea how I got through the book

OH! I know maybe it’s because of the romance? Nah, the romance was kinda boring and I feel like the characters weren’t really “characters” I would say that it was a sort of stale cheese with bread story. A mediocre main character with a mediocre plot line.


HOWEVER, things did start getting interested when they SPOIL ALERT, run away together for a time. This got me hooked and a bit interested, but what they do strikes me as idiotic. They just kinda swim around, I guess? Maybe I’d have liked this book if I was younger but the logistics of it bewilder me. Sixteen year olds arrange airplane tickets, passport and everything with no hassle? The author didn’t even mention them getting passports, guess they already had them? And how did they get through the airport with no one even raising an eyebrow? Don’t they have an “allergic” thing on passports? Meh, maybe I’m wrong

Overall I rate this book a 3/10, maybe younger kids will enjoy it? 13 and down I’m guessing

-Dreamer aka Juliet signing off


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