A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, A Book Review


A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, A Book Review

This book… Features a pot of petunias that talk, I’m not kidding, and these are the holy words they speak, “Oh No. Not Again.” Hey! Petunias with a sense of humor, just another example that you should never judge a book by its cover. I mean, don’t know about you guys, but these little guys make me shudder. (Link for picture is at the bottom of this post)


JUST LOOK AT THEM. These innocent yet sinister looking petunias, they have veins, that’s weird. But by far, it’s not the only strange yet humorous thing in A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Onto the review, Douglas Adam’s A Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, is simply stated, Deep but small. Deep messages but with a short span of pages, 180 to be exact (yeah, googled it, shhhh). The messages and ideas inside are things that you would think a gathering of people thought of, but indeed only one did, and that’s all it takes. For one the book is filled with such randomness you wouldn’t think that you could take anything away from it, but I dare you reader, read on because under those layers of frosting and leisure sit messages.


Message 1: Don’t take yourself too seriously, life can be frivolous and fun so live it smiling.

This message is one of the first messages because it’s one of the first things that pops into your head as you start reading it. Throughout the whole novel Douglas Adams has random events happen, well thought out events that lead to a chain and a final revelation at the end, I’m getting ahead of myself because that’s the second message, so let’s go back to message 1. Douglas Adams is poking fun at himself and the readers in the whole novel, the first example of this is in the forward. It’s hilarious and jabbers on about how, A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is the best book. Douglas Adams is showing his playful side to the readers, showing them that books aren’t all that serious, they can be fun.


Message 2: You don’t know what you don’t know, and if you did know yes your life might change but is it really for the best? Or is ignorance bliss?

The world gets destroyed, thats a fact, unavoidable, only in the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy, of course. Arthur Drent, the only earthian to survive this apocalypse, didn’t believe the world was going to end when his friend, Ford Prefect told him. I mean honestly, I wouldn’t have believed anyone, ‘cluding my best friend if they told me that the world was ending, so kudos to Arthur, he did exactly what we would (probably) do. However, no one else knew that the world was ending, so they died quiet peacefully, I hope, (nah they didn’t cause they all get fried). ANYWHO, so the question is, is ignorance bliss? YES YES IT IS, well that’s what I believe, (in this case). If the world was about to end, like Arthur Drent’s earth (they knew only a few minutes before), I agree that ignorance is bliss. Because if the world was actually going to end I really don’t see the point of telling the whole world. For one mass hysteria, crimes would go up and there was absolutely nothing they could do at the moment ‘cause the “aliens” were too advanced.

By the way, I found another picture (on pinterest) with this quote, along with the whale, oh my I love that little whale.  Here it is! (If you have the rights to this picture I’m deeply sorry, please comment or contact me on the blog and ask me to take the picture down, thanks! And the link for the picture is also at the bottom of the post.)


This whale is my favorite character, even though he only has one chapter, love him. HE BE MY WHALE, YOU CAN’T HAVE EM. erm… Eh ehhhmmm, (He’s my bae). I’m pretty sure you guys’ll love him too. Although he has a short lived spotlight it’s important, I promise. AHHH, let’s look at this drawing again, let’s appreciate the artist’s work, let’s appreciate the cute tail.

Message 3: The impossible is never impossible, believing that the impossible will never happen is a limitation because it could be a possibility.


Even though a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is, “just a book” some of the theories and ideas inside come from well-known and loved theories. One of the theories being that our world (earth) is just a computer simulation. Now if you haven’t heard this one don’t be surprised because it means you haven’t watched the matrix… Which almost and I say almost everyone has watched. WATCH IT PLEASE, at least the first movie, and all will be explained. If you’re still reading I’m guessing you’ve either gone ahead and watched it or you’ve already watched it, I can see you sneaky human who hasn’t. I’ll be nice and explain what it is, basically this theory theorizes that our world is just a computer simulation, that humanity has become so evolved that we can create a simulation and see what happens if we add in or take away factors, creepy right?


THE END, nah I’m kidding, we’re getting near to the end though. This novel is a must read! You will see the world from a different view once you’ve read it so sit down with a nice cup of tea or orange juice (like me) and read it. To all age groups I recommend this novel, wait no… All age groups above 13, I mean you can read it before but I think it’ll be a bit harder to understand. HOWEVER, if you are very mature I’m sure you’ll get the novel and messages a bit early on *wink*


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