Twelve Kings, A Book Review

Twelve Kings, A Book Review

Multiple book covers!!! This book has two different book covers!! I love when this happens, it’s so satisfying to be able to choose which cover to buy, because it means that you can be more picky. And it also means that you get to consider the aesthetics of the cover and how well it will go with your room (Well that’s what I do, I don’t know bout you guys). Ya know, I’m super OCD about how my books are ordered and this is how I order them, tallest to shortest and preferably the same color too.  


HEEEEEYYYY, look at this cover…. doesn’t it look like the cover of Throne of Glass??? hmmm… Sneaky, sneaky Bradley Beaulieu we see what you did there.Maybe that’s why I decided to read this book. (I decided to buy this cover by the way) And I promise that in the future I will do a book review of Sarah J. Maas’s series. 

Anyway, let’s get to the summary of this book, Twelve Kings is a novel written by Bradley Beaulieu. The novel follows a young adult called Cedamin, (kind of pronounced like Chedamin, yumm Cinnamon). Cedamin’s mother was murdered by one of the twelve kings of Sharakai. Cedamin wants revenge and oh believe me, she’ll get it. She fights in the pits, wields swords and gets a taste of the impossible.

Bradley Beaulieu isn’t afraid to dive deep into the characters and he’s not afraid to develop them. The character development ensures that readers stay interested and keep reading especially when the plot is moving slowly. Which I assure you doesn’t happen very often. Bradley Beaulieu lures the readers in with cheese, like a mouse falling into a trap readers start believing one thing and then SNAP, major plot twist alert.

Overall I loved reading this novel, enough action and enough mystery, I give this book a 8/10. I would recommend it to people that like books about assasins.

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– Dreamer (Aka Juliet)


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