Hour Of The Bees

Hour Of The Bees, an aesthetically pleasing cover paired with an interesting title. At first I was a bit skeptical about whether or not I would like this book, you could say I was metaphorically sitting on the edge of a knife, teeter tottering between like and dislike. I found myself in the middle, this book was meh’ish. It left me with a feeling of not quiet satisfaction but not quiet emptiness.


This novel is about a young girl Carol (age 12) who is forced to spend her summer at her grandfather’s ranch along with her step sister Alta (17 years old). Their grandfather has been diagnosed with dementia so the family has decided to stay at the ranch for the summer break. It’s a novel about growing up and also being proud of your heritage or as grandfather Serge says, “Don’t spit on your roots.” One of the most important messages of this book is that everyone is different. Whether it’s nationality, family history or looks, but this doesn’t change the person inside. As Carol’s summer progresses her grandfather starts telling her stories, and these stories are what keeps me wanting more.


Grandfather Serge tells stories of his past and Lindsay Eager starts dropping hints that his past might be real. I really enjoyed that Lindsay Eager doesn’t tell the reader what is true from false. What grandfather Serge actually made up and what he didn’t because it leaves the reader feeling like magic does in fact exist in different ways.

Although wouldn’t recommend this book to people above the age of 13, unless you’re looking for a light and simple read, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved the concept but the writing style of Lindsay Eagar doesn’t really suit my taste because the vocabulary is too simple, probably because this book is meant for a younger age group…. Juliet what are you doing reading books that aren’t meant for your age group? That’s the big question isn’t it?


Hope you guys enjoyed this book review! I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted but new posts will be coming out this weekend. I’ve been busy with school lately so thanks for being patient! Comment any thoughts you guys may have!!  Like and follow if you want to see more, or if you enjoyed reading it,


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