Silence is Goldfish ~ A book review

Silence is Goldfish

“My name is Tess, Tess turner-”, is how the first sentence of the blurb starts. It makes me wanna hurl, I really dislike book blurbs that start out with a, “Hi I’m poppy” or “Hi I’m known as the loser at school”. BUT, I decided to give it a chance, I mean why not? I’ve started this crazy new thing where I try new things… SHHHH don’t tell anyone. And surprisingly it wasn’t as horrible as I thought it would be. IT WAS WORSE, nah I’m kidding the book actually left me with a Meh, feeling. You know that feeling where you couldn’t care less? Yeaaaaaah. But you know what? If all the books in the world were amazing that would take the fun out of it wouldn’t it. Because then the only thing you can do is gush about it or… if you really love it… YOU JOIN THE FANDOM. I do have to say, it’s always fun to read meh books because they make the amazing ones even better.

26245093Although one thing I have to say is that I have read My sister lives under the mantelpiece by the exact same author, Annabel Pitcher and I loved it. Maybe the storyline didn’t really appeal to me, however I did enjoy the goldfish. OMG it talks and it’s a flashlight, talk about friends with benefits. One thing that really drew me into reading this one was the cover. It’s simple yet it makes you wonder. I’ve seen it a few times lying around the library so I was like, why not? The plot wasn’t too interesting and to me it felt a bit cliche but sometimes I like cliche, guess it didn’t work this time.

Before I conclude I’d like to add one big tidbit about why I didn’t like this book. THE DRAMA, oh me lord. Everything is just over exaggerated, Tess finds out that since her parents couldn’t have her alone they needed a sperm donor. (by the way this isn’t a spoiler because it happens in the first chapter) This sends her into a frenzy trying to find her real parents and feeling like she doesn’t belong blah, blah blah. Wanna know why I hate this? I get that that’s how some people react when they find out that they’re actually not fully both parents DNA but so what? Now hear me out before you guys start complaining, “but it’s not like you’re the one who might never know their “real” parents”. I gotta say you’re right on one aspect, I definitely wasn’t conceived through a sperm donor, but I’m adopted.  That’s right folks I don’t have a single drop of my parents blood and you know what? I don’t care. Because my parents have loved me, cared for me and raised me like I was their one. I love them with all my hearts, when I found out I was adopted I didn’t react at all like the main character in this book. I actually felt special and even more loved because it proves that blood isn’t thicker than water, metaphorically speaking.  Rant session is concluded


Total score: 4/10


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