Figure Skating… In Thailand

Figure Skating… in Thailand

Ah, figure skating the sport where women display beautiful dresses with skirts, glide on ice delicately like lilies… At least that’s what I thought. Let me EMPHASIZE, figure skating may look like a “delicate” sport but it’s more rough and tumble then you think. That’s right! We fight! With the ice! Oh that rhymes Believe it or not figure skating takes loads of leg muscle and power. Lots and lots of power.

Guess what? Author here, decide that she wanted to try out figure skating, just for the lols. AHAHAhahahaaaa…. Just for the lols… How I regret this decision because DAMN, I love skating but DAMN, it takes lots of energy. Remember how I mentioned “We fight! With the ice!” That’s literally what I’ve been doing for the past few sessions we’ve had, me and the ice have gotten quite acquainted. I’ve fallen so many times I’ve lost count but you know what? It’s worth it, I’m lovin it! So what if you get a couple o’ bruised knees or a couple bloody scratches on your hands, as long as you’re having fun who cares? OK that might’ve been a little exaggeration, I had one  two scratches, one on my left hand and one on my right, that was mostly my fault though…. MOVING ON

Tilted natural version, ice skates with reflection
Tilted natural version, ice skates with reflection

I said moving on right? OH oh ok I see it there. One of the many questions I’ve even asked myself is, “Why did you choose to learn figure skating in Thailand of all places?” Welp, I don’t know. Such a lame explanation right? Hear me out, my parents are fine with me starting figure skating, as long as I enjoy it, they’re fine with it. Plus, I need to do a sport, not that I wanna get fit or anything I secretly want nice legs but my parents think it’s a good idea to always do a sport so! Here ya go! Figure skating was my pick! Not like I quit activities quickly I mean come on my list is super short ballet, gymnastics, Muay Thai, theater…. Yeah, I’m a quitter. ERM, I mean to say that I love trying out new things. Eventually you’re gonna quit some activities, and it’s always nice to learn new things. I see each hobby as a little adventure. DAYUM, I didn’t even get to the root of the problem…. Ok, short explanation: parents wanted me to do a sport, I got tired of Volleyball and decided on Figure Skating. YERP another crappy explanation

OOH we’ve got this ball rolling look how much I’ve written!!! Next topic the “You’re too old to start” Just so ya know, I don’t give a ***, nah I’m kidding no swearing here, what I meant to say was nail. Yeah, I don’t give a nail. Ok, ok I’ll admit that starting in the teenage years is late but that’s if you want to compete in nationals and regionals and quite frankly that’s not my goal. I want to enjoy myself so why not try tripping on ice for a few months, no one will get hurt other than me right? See no harm done. Honestly I don’t think anyone is too old to start figure skating. The only thing is it’s harder to start when you’re older because you’re not as reckless and you’re more aware of your body.

To answer your one last question, “how in the world can you even skate in Thailand?”, WELP, currently there are actually quite a few ice rinks in Bangkok. Although the ice might not be kept in supeeeerrrrrb condition, I mean come on how many people actually participate in winter sports in one of the hottest countries in the world It’s manageable and I honestly don’t think the ice is bad. There are certain rinks you can go to that have nicer ice then the one I go to but it all depends on your location. I might do a post later on reviewing the ice skating rinks in Bangkok! Here are a few locations, BTS stop Ekkamai has a place nearby called SubZero. Central World also has one and it’s called The Rink. There are a few more but these are the ones I can name out of the top of my head. 

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