The Children of Time

Children of Time

The author of Children of Time, Adrian Tchaikovsky has a very unique and enjoyable writing style along with an interesting idea for the plot of the book. Children of Time, is science fiction and touches themes like; who do you choose, sentient beings created by humans or humans themselves?  And How long can you wait for somebody until it’s time to move on? The book tells the story from three different perspectives; the spiders, Kern and futuristic humans looking for a new earth.

Kern is a scientist who helped create a liveable planet for her “creations”, which she thought were humans but are actually the spiders. She has waited millenniums for someone to contact her either her “creations” or other humans, eventually the ship that she’s in can’t keep up with her needs so it goes bezerk and she goes crazy along with it. Kern becomes an integral part of the ship, she needs the 25499718ship to keep her alive and the ship needs her to give orders and make decisions.

The “creations” of the new earth are spiders. They have developed characteristics of humans they can communicate, have religion, develop technology and they can think for themselves. They’re basically like humans but the arachnid version of one, with different means of communication. They communicate through vibrations. While Kerns time passes very slowly each time there’s a new chapter about the spiders there’s a new main character, it’s always one of Portia’s descendents.

The futuristic humans in this book are looking for a new earth, they’ve been traveling for a very long time and finally reached Kerns world, which they need to inhabit to survive because they’re running out of supplies and something is wrong with the ship. It follows the perspective of someone called Mason, he is the almost always the perspective used for the futuristic humans and he’s also the most important character because he plays an important role, he’s a translator of ancient languages.

Overall I score this book a 7/10

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