Fried Fish & Eyes

Fried Fish & Eyes

“Smullen, he!”, Ah, what a beautiful language Dutch is. So many uitdrukkingen aka sayings and dare I say some of the funniest people in the world. AHOY! Here comes my nationalistic pride!!!! No honestly though, we’re hilarious and blunt. Ooh! I love feisty Dutchies, my mom in particular. She cracks me up so much, especially when she tries translating a saying like, Het kwartje is gevallen, which directly translates to; the coin has fallen. It sounds better in Dutch, trust me on that one.

Smullen, so Juliet… what does that mean? It basically means good food or something along the lines of when you’re eating. Just say something like, “Ik smul er van” your Dutch friends will be impressed. Try it on the dinner table, one time won’t hurt, hehehehe. I love how the word feels in my mouth it’s kinda like cotton candy smul, yum.

Just in case you were wondering why I know Dutch… Welp, it’s cause my parents are Dutch! Yeah, thats right I’m from DUTCHLAND everyone! How many times have I been asked if I’m from Dutchland? I don’t know, too many times and it’s insulting. It’s like MAN try at least ok! OK? It’s not DUTCHLAND it’s Holland!!!!! I swear, I understand if a six year old doesn’t know, but when someone my age asks if Are you from Dutchland? I wanna just wack ‘em real hard. Figuratively speaking of course *cough*. Damn it, you’re a high schooler already, how can you not know!? Ugh I feel like one of those old ladies with a cane, “Stop that child, no, NO, that’s not right!” waving my little granny cane in the air. (No offense if you need a cane, I actually like ‘em, planning on getting one when I turn 30 so I can wack all the annoying little kids defend the world from aliens and whatnot.) Whew that’s one long bracket, hahahahah my english teacher would be so proud of me.

Back on track, Why fried fish? I traveled to Pattaya during my break! It was stupendous, phenomenal, astounding and *Searching for more adjectives for amazing on my online thesaurus* Conbobulating! (Yeah I don’t know what that means, “fabricate imagery” Good job Juliet it’s definitely an adjective for amazing). EH EHM FRIED FISH, well more like slow-cooked-in-juicy-aromatic-soup fish. Does that tantalize your taste buds? I just love Thailand, so much good food in one place, it’s like being in one of those 50% sales in H&M except everything is super cheap and you have food aroma everywhere. Want a picture of the slow-cooked-in-juicy-aromatic-soup fish? You know what that’s too long a name, lets call it Pascal.


DUN DUN DAAAA, Isn’t pascal such a nice lookin’ chap? I mean look at those beautiful glazed over eyes. While we were devouring said chap Pascal, my grandma comes in with her chopsticks and gives me one of those evil-lookin stares, you know that stare they give you when they-want-you-to-try-something-but-it’s-not-a-choice stare.Well she gave me that, lifted her little wood sticks and said, “You can eat the cheek and the eyes you know, I heard the eye is the best.” Everyone stops eating and contemplates grandmama’s comment. We’re all bug-eyed in disbelief and god bless her soul, my sister picks up her chopstick, spears the fisheye chews it and then swallows. And so the night ended, with a cheekless one-eyed pascal.

Review!! Let’s review that little dish! So the fish eye!! My sister told me that it wasn’t actually that bad albeit a little slimy, I wouldn’t understand why you would want to try it but I’ll give you the thumbs up and say give it a go if you want. (I actually don’t know if it’s healthy for you so check that one up first before trying anything). And the fish cheek? The fish cheek was actually pretty good! It’s smooth and basically tastes like fish, I think fish lovers will like it if they give it a try. It’s like sucking out the head of a shrimp, you don’t wanna do it but once you try it’s not that bad.


Thanks for reading!! I hope you enjoyed this post!! If you want to see more in the future subscribe and like if you liked it!! Any thoughts about fish eyes and cheeks? Comment your thoughts below!!


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