Every year in Thailand we bless the apartment/house that we live in because it is said to purify and prepare us for the new year to come. In my case we live in an apartment and anyone who wants to participate is allowed to participate. I recommend that if you live in Thailand that you should attend these occasions because not only does it show respect to your hosting country but you might get to know some of your neighbors in the process. The perfect cherry on top of all of thiimg_3635s is that you get to experience a part of Thai culture.

Usually the host will invite an odd number of monks because odd numbers are seen as luck in Thailand. In most cases the ceremony will be held from late morning until noon. It can take up to four hours. At one part of the ceremony one of the monks will sprinkle holy water over everyone that is present (So make sure to wear suitable clothes for this part, white t-shirts aren’t recommended).

After the holy water has been sprinkled it’s lunch time! Before anyone else eats first, please patiently wait until all the monks have eaten their lunch, usually they depart soon after. This is when everyone has lunch, enjoy!

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Hope you guys enjoyed this post! I really love Thailand, but I’m relatively new to the country so if I got any of these things wrong please correct me! Like and follow if you liked this post. See you next time!


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