Hobbies & Piano

OOOH!!! Here comes another New Category, what a day is it not? (that’s a rhetorical question please don’t answer it in the comments HAHAA) Well, where’s the explanation about this hobby? OH! Here it is eh ehm, As you know every single human being loves starting things and then quitting things. Hey it’s in our nature nothing to argue about there. Right? Anywho, what do people get out of this you might ask, we get to experience new things and pick up new skills. I decided that I wanted to share the experiences I have with my few too many hobbies with you guys. Who knows, maybe you’ll enjoy my blogs about that said hobby so much you might try it out, and I encourage that. We only live once so let’s live it to our best, plus! You get to join the skater/instrument/boxing community.

Onward Ho to the first of the many hobbies!!! Piano! What’s the first thing you guys think when you see/read that word? Wanna know what I see? I see prodigy six year olds playing complicated pieces, I see Mozart, Bach or the one and only Beethoven, what I don’t see is a meh’ish high school pianist banging away on the keyboards. Well guess what? That’s what every single famous/well known pianist had to do before they got famous. Bang away on those keyboards till you get the technique right, don’t forget music theory (OH HOW I DESPISE YOU).


Quick Fact; Piano is one of the rare hobbies that I’ve actually stuck with for… three soon to be four years (*GASP* GO ME). I plan to continue piano because I find it soothing and quite honestly I love showing off playing all those classical pieces. ERM, On a serious note I actually do enjoy learning new pieces, you seen Interstellar? NO? Did you just shake your head? Watch it and then comeback. I COMMAND YOU. Ok you’ve watched it? Well then, I think we can agree on one thing. The music is just amazing and those piano solo’s? *swoon*. An added bonus is showing off to all your friends about how pro you are, learning how to sight read better!!

Another thing I’m going to mention is that you’re never too old to start playing piano. I started playing piano when I was around middle school. And I don’t have goals to play in concerts and enter a world re-known music school, and guess what? That’s ok. No one has the same goals and you can get to any level you want as long as you work hard enough for you. If you’re a bit older 50+ I would say it might be a bit harder to master the techniques and get sight reading under your knee but it is totally possible, you’ll have to work a bit harder but it’s totally worth it.

I find that piano is something that you do for yourself, this also applies to most other sports. Learning the language of music is beautiful because everyone speaks it. Triplets, rests and quarter notes just come with the package, one that can hold many surprises in store for you. Just like it has for me.

Thanks again for reading!! Like this post if you like and follow if you like. You can use the picture as long as you source me!! Thanks for reading! Please comment if you guys have any thoughts on this.


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