Wailing Children & Beautiful Sunsets

Ladies & Gentlemen I present to you the long awaited… TRAVEL CATEGORY (It’s called a category right? meh).  First things first why did I start a travel category? Welp, I travel quite a lot and so I’ve decided why not blog about more things other than books. I’ll have more things to write about and I can also spice up my writing a bit better that way. Let the story begin

Sunsets… Ahhhhh, what I would do to spend all day just watching a sunset. I feel like this is the only time that people all around the world decide to take a pause and just breeaatthhhee. After a long stressful day of work or school (In my case), this is the beginning of the unwind session. I don’t know about you, but this is when I sit down with my glass of wine I’m kidding guys, NO HONESTLY I AM KIDDING, I’m teasing. I’ll tell you straight out and honest I don’t drink ok, teens are too young to drink and I fully agree with this. Ok we good. In your case (if you’re above the legal age), you’ll be with your glass of wine and I’ll sit here with my juice box. Yeah, no it’s actually a  juice box. With green tea inside of it, cold mind you.


Anyway, during the Christmas holiday my family traveled to Pattaya (which is in Thailand), and spent christmas there. Pattaya is a beautiful place. If you go to the right side, well that’s how I see it. There’s two sides to Pattaya, one that has long quiet beaches and the other which is full of crowded and noisy tourists. Guess which one I prefer, yeah that’s right the one with noisy tourists NOT. The place is full of natural wonders along with those scandalously beautiful sunsets.

So, (Juliet that’s not how you start a sentence, oh god my english teacher would kill me if he saw this one AHAHHA), remember when I said a sunset is the time of day where EVERYONE and when I say everyone I mean every single lot of you, decides to chill a bit and sit there in silence for a few minutes, process it you know, take it all in. Well, you see, there was this child. Two? Five years old? Age matters not so we shall continue, ONWARD HO! Who was just screaming lemme all caps this, who was just SCREAMING, his little lungs out, I mean jezus children can scream, but this was a whole new level. It was like, you know when someone reaches the top of their vocal chords? Well seven levels higher. Damn, if I could put him on America’s got talent everyone would love him. Even Simon. And that’s a statement.

Picture this, beautiful sunset. Wailing child and embarrassed parents.
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