The Kiss of Deception

DON’T YOU DARE LAUGH AT THE TITLE, good, now that’s over and done with let us begin… Reading this novel was like devouring a perfectly toasted crumpet, thick and savory with a slight buttery aftertaste. Mary E. Pearson outdid herself with this novel, the pacing and plot are just splendid. Lia is the main character in The Kiss of Deception. Lia is a spunky, outspoken character with a lot of sass. Although I usually don’t enjoy books with love triangles I decided to give this book a try, and oh boy was I surprised. Something about Lia got me hooked, I don’t know if it was her personality or her character development, whatever it was I loved it. Not only did I like the characters but I also liked the setting. The Kiss of Deception is based in a medieval time but with a modern twist to it. There are no phones,  nor is there internet but they do mention “the16429619 ancients” who could possibly be people from the twentieth century. Who knows, maybe the book is based before the twentieth century or maybe it’s after.

The novel starts with a good ol’ wedding scene but *gasp* the bride runs away never to be seen again. Just kidding. About the never to be seen again part. Yes Lia is that bride and she does run away along with her sidekick aka Pauline. Let me say one thing about Pauline, I don’t like her. She’s a bit too fanatic about religion (hey, don’t get me wrong I love religion and I respect all cultures around the world and that wasn’t meant to be offensive to anyone. Sorry if I offended you.) Anyway, the reason why I found it a bit annoying was because every so often the story would stop with Pauline offering up some sort of religious gesture when Lia does something wrong. I get that it’s supposed to be a bit funny and I’ll have to admit sometimes it was, but there was just a tad too much.. Just a tad.

There are three parts in this novel and if I were to be honest the first two parts were kind of slow because those are the parts were Lia meets the two guys, gets to know them, falls in love, blah blah blah. EXCEPT and this is one big except, for the fact that Lia isn’t like one of those stereo typical love triangle girls who says things like, “but I like both of them”, “Who should I choose?”, “OMG I chose one and then regretted it and now I want to get with the other.” NO, Lia chooses who she likes best almost right from the start and thank the lord, now we get to skip the part where the main character swoons about both of the guys and compares their, “chiseled abs and their chiseled faces”. THANK YOU, Lia for choosing a guy and moving on, without swooning about the other one.

Now, let’s get onto the good part. The third part of the novel is just wow, with two exclamation points at the back. Ok, I’m not going to say what happens but lemme tell you one thing. You need to read this book ok? Because just the third part alone is worth it. Well for me anyway, I don’t know if you might like it but I loved it. I wish I could spoil it for you here and now but I won’t because I’m not a mean person… Maybe. SHE GETS *beeeeeeeeep*. See guys I promised no spoilers. Now you get to fill in the blank and if you want to know read the book.

Rating: I deem this book worthy of 8/10

That’s it for today, thanks for reading!! Hope you enjoyed this review and please comment if you have any thoughts on this book.


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