Turning Back Time

Recently I read a short story that talks about the aspect of being able to turn back time. This really intrigued me and got me thinking about what humans would be capable of and how different the world would be if it were possible.

Time is something that everyone takes for granted every single day and I do say, I’m guilty of that too. Every day people make millions of mistakes and  really, who hasn’t found themselves wishing “If only I could turn back time.”

But lets take a look at what would really happen if we could actually turn back time. What would people do? you might stop world war one and even two from stopping. You might re-do that test that you got a 4 on. The problem with this is that people would all be doing this which means that you wouldn’t be the only person turning back time. Oh no, you’d be one in twenty in your class. Now what would happen if all of a sudden everyone who graduated in 2018 all had the same GPA’s. What would happen then? how would colleges eliminate potential students from the students they don’t want?

Is changing the past really that bad? Yes, a lot of people have died and we could change that but consider this. What if world war one hadn’t happened or world war two? People wouldn’t be the same how we live our lives wouldn’t be the same.

I think that the human race has to learn from their mistakes. I think that we need to stop worrying about the past and learn from it. We need to learn how to make these adjustments and not be caught up in an endless cycle of what if’s.

What do you guys think? comment if you want to tell me how you guys think about it.


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