Some Fortunate Future Day By Cassandra Clare

I found this short story by Cassandra clare very interesting not only because I enjoyed it but also because I thought the underlying message of it was good. It gave me something to chew about while going through my day.

Some Fortunate Future Day by Cassandra clare is a short story she wrote in a book called Steampunk An anthology of fantastically rich and strange stories. The story is about a teenager called Rose who finds and falls in love with a man she finds in her garden. I won’t say anything else other than the ending surprised me.

One of my favorite genres is steam punk and I really enjoy reading novels or short stories that involve all the amazing parts of a good steam punk story. Although I didn’t really like the main character in this story, honestly I thought she was very annoying and self absorbed. It does a good job in showing a reader that time is not something that should be taken granted of. IMG_3274


So….. This blog post has been getting quite a lot of views lately so I decided to check what you people were googling to find this story and guess what popped up? “Analysis of Some Fortunate Future Day’, by Cassandra Clare. AHAHAHHAHAHA Good job you people, I do that too welp, Since you’re looking for an analysis I’ll give you one… SHHHHHH Don’t tell anyone.

Cassandra Clare’s short story reflects how infinite yet short time is, this is shown through the main character’s (Spoilet Alert) decision to keep turning back time. It shows how infinite time is because the main character can keep turning back time as much as she wants. However, it also shows how short time is because the events take place in a few days. I also think that this short story reflects that people should stop looking at the past and start looking at the future. The main character is not only keeping the soldier stuck forever but she’s also keeping the futures of other people, strangers that she doesn’t know stuck. They won’t be able to do anything or live their life until the main character stops turning back time.

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