Book worm

These are the people that love sitting on couches, in libraries, outside and wherever it maybe to just simply read a book. Whatever genre it is (it doesn’t matter) as long as they’re reading they feel content. Rushing to the book store when you hear your long awaited book has arrived.

True joy is the feeling that I feel when I pick up a new book and dive into its pages. I can get lost for hours inside a book; trekking jungles and fighting fiends. The problem with being a book worm is that there is never enough time.

Whatever you may do however hard you wish it isn’t possible to read all the books in the world in one lifetime. A feat that would leave me feeling satisfied as a book worm albeit a bit bored. There are too many books in the world and even if you did somehow get your hands on every one of them. Not all books are interesting and might not pique our interests.

As a bookworm joy does not come from the number of books I have read in total but the amount of time I spend on each book. Racing through a book is no fun so when you read, read with opens eyes and an open heart. What is the use in reading a book if there is no joy in thinking “On to the next one!” after you finish reading it.

Books are gateways to new worlds and places that could never have been dreamed of. Reading about magic and things that shouldn’t be gives me a thrill. It makes me believe no matter how childish it sounds, in the impossible.

-Julie (Yes, yes I’m a bookworm too)


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