The Introvert


You know one when you see one because it takes one to know one. I’m an introvert and maybe you are too, or you have a friend who is kind of introverted. Regardless, everywhere you go introverts are everywhere.

Maybe if you’re an introvert like me you sometimes worry about what other people think or that your awkward in conversations. But you know what? Everybody thinks that at some point in their lives. Believe me, I think about how awkward I can be in conversations too.

It can be hard to be introverted because when people ask you what you did in your weekend you’re weekend you say things like; oh you know the usual or just chilled I guess. Lets face reality though you just enjoyed your sweet time by yourself. Which is entirely fine with you because it’s relaxing and you don’t have anyone up in your face all the time.

How do we introverts spend our time? It varies depending on the person and their hobbies. Introverts can’t be all generalized into one category. Me? what I do as an introvert? well on weekends I love walking around in my Pj’s all day. Most preferred with a cup of thee in the morning and a book in hand. I could spend all eternity just like this.

Of course all of these hobbies apply to me of course. Who knows, maybe that really popular kid in your grade is secretly supper introverted. Anyway, whats the purpose of this post? There actually isn’t much of a purpose. I guess I’m just testing my writing skills on you guys. Going to say if anything comes out of this. Something I’m definitely sure of though is that this is my first post.


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